Our Crazy Annie

This restaurant was inspired by our crazy ‘Aunt Annie’ and her knack for good ol’ fashioned, finger licking comfort food. Known throughout her quaint small town in New Jersey, Annie could be spotted back in the ’60s and ’70s from afar by her signature bouffant cropped so-gray-it-is-blue hair and yellow bike.

Peddling her way around the town in search of the latest and tastiest ingredients, she never failed to come home with a basket full of goods. Not only was she able to find savory meats, cheeses and breads but, she also came across rare ingredients to prepare her usual memorable and crazy feast.

Annie’s cookouts were famous not only with locals, but people from out of town. Her famous Cherry Bourbon BBQ sauce had tourists coming from all over the world. Her apple wood smoked brisket and pork was guaranteed to have you in a food coma!

With her perfectly seasoned meat, awesome BBQ sauce and signature beer cheese, there was never a sandwich or burger that disappointed.